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Do you sometimes wonder what the world of tomorrow will look like? Or how we will manage the ever-growing social inequalities or the rise of populist movements? Or what impact the rapid pace of the digital transformation will have on our professional and social lives? Many people are concerned about these developments, while others are fearful. They have long since lost their trust in our system.

At PwC the same subjects are in our thoughts too, and in recent months more than ever before. Our purpose it to “Build trust in society and solve important problems.” We want to fulfill this objective, help to resolve the urgent problems of our time, and rebuild lost trust. To achieve this, we need to redefine the relationship between the economy and society.

Our expertise, which we have been able to gather through our day-to-day consulting work with our clients, has greatly informed our suggested solutions - for example, on the future of the labor market or on migration. Together with Nobel laureates, thought leaders of today and tomorrow, representatives from business and politics, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, we want to discuss these ideas at the Global Solution Summit.

The findings, experiences, ideas and food for thought are summarized in next:. We have named this special issue "Thinkers' Summit", with which we want to inspire you and other leading thinkers to contemplate these topics. It is in this way we seek to start a discussion with a broad number of stakeholders about what our world of tomorrow might look like.

I hope you come up with a lot of thought-provoking ideas.

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