The Global Solution Summit

The second Global Solutions Summit on May 28 and 29, 2018 in Berlin will bring together leading representatives from science, politics, business and society. The event will be held as a preparatory meeting for the Argentinian G20 Summit in the fall and will provide policy recommendations for key issues of the G20.

One of the highlights will be the appearance of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. High-level speakers include other government representatives from the G20 member states, Nobel laureates such as George Akerlof and Edmund Phelps, as well as leading representatives of international organizations such as OECD, United Nations and World Bank.

The Global Solutions Summit is an associated event of the Argentine G20 presidency. The Summit will address key issues of the G20, including the future of work, infrastructure for sustainable development, food security and international economic policies.

The annual Global Solutions Summit is hosted by the Global Solutions Initiative, an initiative of the world's leading think tanks, with the aim of supporting continuity and sustainability in the G20 process. The initiative is headed by Professor Dennis J. Snower, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and co-chair of the German G20 Think Tank Dialogue 2017.

Leading think tanks from around the world contribute to the Global Solutions Initiative, including Blavatnik School/UK, Brookings/USA, Bruegel/EU, CARI/Argentina, CEFIR & NES/Russia, Central Bank/Turkey, CIGI/Canada, CIPPEC/Argentina, CSIS/Indonesia, FGV/Brazil, G20 Research Group/Canada, Gateway House/India, Hertie School/Germany, IFRI/France, IfW/Germany, IIASA/Austria, IPSP/USA, ISPI/Italy, OECD/Policy Branch, ORF/India , Oxford Martin School/UK, Renmin University/China, SAIIA/South Africa, Stiftung Mercator/Germany and UCL STEaPP/UK.

The next generation also plays a role at the summit; as part of the Young Global Changers Program and the Global Solutions Summer School outstanding young people from all over the world are coming to Berlin to share their views.

Numerous PwC partners have also joined this endeavour in special task forces, including Alfred Höhn. As Industry Leader Government & Public Services, he addressed one of the most pressing issues - migration.

Photo credit: Global Solutions/Tobias Koch

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