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Bob Moritz, Global Chairman of PwC, and Norbert Winkeljohann, Senior Partner and Chairman of PwC Germany, on building trust, corporate social responsibility, and solving social problems for a sustainable future

by Heiner Sieger

Dear readers,

Do you sometimes wonder what the world of tomorrow will look like? Or how we will manage the ever-growing social inequalities or the rise of populist movements? Or what impact the rapid pace of the digital transformation will have on our professional and social lives? Many people are concerned about these developments, while others are fearful. They have long since lost their trust in our system. At PwC the same subjects are in our thoughts too, and in recent months more than ever before. Our purpose it to “Build trust in society and solve important problems.” We want to fulfill this objective, help to resolve the urgent problems of our time, and rebuild lost trust. To achieve this, we need to redefine the relationship between the economy and society.

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